photo: Felicia Chang Photography

A group of Vancouver-based entrepreneurs and parents asked ourselves: where are the opportunities to foster economic growth and build community among entrepreneurs, independent consultants, distance workers, and like-minded service professionals who are parents? How might an integrated approach to professional practice and family support not only efficiency, but also family needs, creativity, sustainability, innovation and mental health?

Nestworks seeks to reimagine the conventional separation of “work” and “life”, proposing instead to make them far more integrated. What might the impact be on stress levels, for example, when a parent, rather than commuting between their children’s care facility and their workplace, instead brings the kids with them and is able to join them for lunch between meetings? How might the proximity of children and families to businesses inform a broader culture of playfulness, creativity, optimism and fun?

We feel there is an opportunity for significant economic and social innovation by offering necessary facilities and services in a unique mashup. Possible results might include small business growth, environmental benefits through use of shared resources, happier kids and families, product and business systems innovation, increased collaboration, and the development of a resilient, inspiring community.

Nestworks will be situated on unceded Coast Salish land.