Nestworks is a family-friendly co-working community that offers on-site childminding in a modern, welcoming atmosphere. We launched in April 2023 and are thrilled to be offering daily co-working for parents and other adults and optional childminding in a beautiful, innovative space filled with natural light. Kid-friendly amenities include a mini gym and sensory playhouse.

If you’re a parent of children ages 12 months to 5 years and could use some time to get work done while your child is being happily cared for near at hand, Nestworks is for you. You will love the convenience of being able to bring your child/ren to work with you, enjoying both adult co-working, supervised kid zones and shared areas for breaks and snacks.

Nestworks also serves the needs of families whose young children may not be accustomed to being cared for by adults other than their parents. Being at Nestworks together provides a sense of calm and security where parents and children can easily locate one another and there is no forced separation or ‘goodbye’ moment. Trained childminders engage and entertain the children, facilitating access to parents as desired/needed. It’s a flexible situation that supports both adults and kids in ‘doing their thing’ with minimal stress.

You do not have to bring a child with you to co-work at Nestworks.

Our space partner is This World’s Ours Centre (TWO), an inclusive centre that provides a variety of programs for neurodiverse children and their families.