Q: Is Nestworks just for Moms and kids?

A: No. We welcome people of all genders to join us!

Q: Do I need to bring a child to be able to co-work at Nestworks?

A: No. We also welcome adult co-workers who do not require childminding services.

Q: What are Nestworks’ hours?

A: Starting September 5th, Nestworks will be open from 9am to 12 noon Monday to Friday exclusive of holidays.

Q: Is drop-in available?

A:  In order for us to be able to have sufficient childminding staff for reserved bookings, we ask that childminding be booked online in advance. For last-minute drop-in requests, please email info@thisworldsours.com.

Q: What do children do while at Nestworks?

A: Nestworks features three dedicated children’s spaces: a mini gym, indoor playhouse, and open reading/free play area. Depending on the children’s ages and preferences, they circulate between these areas under the supervision/encouragement of trained childminders. There is no particular schedule or program: the caregivers respond to the needs and preferences of the children in the space on any given day, with a goal of keeping them engaged in the kids’ areas as much as possible.

Children are also welcome to circulate in the broader space (they are curious, after all!) and are not prevented from finding their parents. The trend that we have seen so far is that once a child acclimatizes to being at Nestworks, they are drawn to the fun kids areas and choose to be there rather than seeking out their parents. The process is different for every child and family – some kids jump in with both feet, while others still want their parent’s full attention.

Acclimatization is an organic process that is unique to every family that improves over time if the family visits on multiple occasions. Caregivers make every effort to engage the children and offer them activities, games, toys etc. without pressuring them to separate from a parent if they are not ready to do so.

Q: How much work are parents able to actually get done at Nestworks?

A: Further to the above question about children’s activities and acclimatization, it depends on how quickly the child becomes comfortable in the space. Our theory of change is that when kids are not recovering from a ‘goodbye’ moment of separation, it makes it easier for them to engage in the amazing amenities that Nestworks features, however we are unable to predict or guarantee a particular experience.

What we have heard is that parents have been able to get more work done than if they were at home, and many have been pleasantly surprised at how productive they have been able to be. An unanticipated benefit of bringing children to Nestworks that we have heard is that it’s a helpful first, transitional experience into more traditional daycare.

Q: Who provides the childminding at Nestworks?

A: Children are cared for by experienced childminders employed by This World’s Ours (TWO). The ratio of childminders to children is between 1:4 and 1:6, depending on the ages of the registered children. TWO supports families with children who are neurodiverse and their staff have a wide range of backgrounds, from ECE (Early Childhood Education certified), to Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists and Educational Assistants. All of their staff are trained in-house, have passed criminal record checks with vulnerable persons, and sign TWO handbooks, emergency procedures, and abuse protocols prior to working with children. Staff will vary depending on the day, but parents will be remaining on site and are not permitted to leave the building at any time without their children.

Q: Is Nestworks noisy? Will I be able to focus on work with kids’ activities happening nearby?

A: Nestworks is louder than a traditional adults-only coworking space – it’s just part of the reality of combining two different service offerings in one space. For families with young children, noise is just part of life, and as long as we know that the littles are safe and not destroying anything, then we’re good 😉

Some of the co-working spaces within Nestworks will be quieter than others, and we suggest that everyone brings headphones or earbuds just in case. Depending on space availability (workspaces are first-come, first-serve), there may be private spaces to take calls quietly.

Remember: this pop-up is a working prototype. We are excited to hear people’s feedback and appreciate flexibility as we co-create this exciting community.

Q: Tell me more about the coworking amenities – what’s available?

A: For the pop-up, we are offering ‘hot desk’ only – meaning that coworking spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis with no access to bookable private offices or meeting rooms.

Coworking spots include individual or shared desk/table space in a variety of spaces, allowing Nestworkers to move around to different spots throughout the day. There are a couple of smaller semi-private nooks, and a larger space adjacent to the kitchen and kids’ areas (ideal for acclimatizing kids who are new to Nestworks, who may want to have their parent within sight or easy reach). The kitchen also features a large island with seating. Oh: and coffee/tea, light snacks and of course WiFi!

Q: What does ‘family friendly’ mean at Nestworks?

A: As part of our family friendly ethos, we understand that kids aren’t always quiet and like to be physically active. The goal of the childminding service is to keep them happily occupied with fun activities, including creative activites and movement. Many children feel more comfortable and secure knowing that their parent is close at hand, which can make settling into being at Nestworks easier. For us, family-friendly means being patient, flexible and collaborative, and finding creative solutions to accommodate diverse needs.

Q: What about food/snacks?

A: Parents of children in the childminding service at Nestworks are required to bring food for their children (or take them out – there are multiple local cafes and restaurants). One of Nestworks’ best features is being able to check in with your child/ren as desired – to take a break, share a snack, etc. Nestworks – like TWO – is a nut-free zone.

Q: What about diapering and toileting of children?

A: Parents are responsible for diapering and toileting their children as needed. Parents must bring their own diapering supplies and be available when their child needs to be changed. Childminders may call on parents to assist with taking an older child to the bathroom. There are three single-stall washrooms on-site, one of which is equipped with a change table.

Q: Are parents required to stay on-site while their children are at Nestworks, or can they step out to run errands, etc and then return to Nestworks?

A: Nestworks childminding service is not licensed childcare. We require all parents to be on site at all times. We ask parents to not leave the building while their child is in care, unless the parent is taking their child out for a walk, break, snack etc.

Q: What’s special about This World’s Ours (TWO)?

A: TWO is a very special place indeed, and the Nestworks team is honoured to be able to share their beautiful facility. TWO’s vision is to create an inclusive space where neurodiverse children and their families feel a true sense of safety and community. Founder Koryn Heisler wants children to love the programming and parents to feel like they are allowed to relax and take a break while they are in the space. We ask that Nestworkers take some time to learn more about TWO and neurodiversity in children as a way of showing support and respect for what the space was created for.

Q: Can I book TWO programming for my child?

A: Absolutely. Nestworks is currently only operating from 9am to 12 noon, so co-working is only available at that time.

Q: Can I leave my computer or other items at Nestworks until the next time that I’m there?

A: No. We require Nestworkers to take all of their belongings, including food, home with them at the end of each booked session.

Q: What’s the parking situation?

A: There is an above-ground Impark lot in the alley next to Nestworks. Rates are $3 per hour or $9 per day until 6pm. There is also nearby 2 hour metered parking, as well as 2 hour free parking and some unregulated parking in the neighbourhood if you’re willing to hunt and walk a few blocks. There is space on-site to store strollers.

Q: Is Nestworks a business or not-for-profit?

A: Nestworks is a registered not-for-profit society.