Latinx woman working at a desk in the forefront two women working in the background, office setting

Our First Pop-up!

We were thrilled to host our first-ever pop-up childminding and co-working event at Gem House Vancouver on Saturday February 22nd. Together with our childminding partners from Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS), we hosted a wonderful day of productivity and connection. Prototyping Nestworks has been a challenge as we evolve, however this event provided a wonderful taste of what is possible when – rather than struggling to separate work and life – we seek to integrate them.

We welcomed children from as young as 10 days (Hello, Blue!) up to 14 (Madeleine‘s daughter Gigi, who along with her Lunapads business partner Suzanne’s children Aiden and Garrett, were the original inspiration for Nestworks), as well as a diverse group of parents and other supporters. A massive THANK YOU to Felicia Chang for so beautifully capturing the day in these gorgeous photographs .

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Our First Community Engagement Event: Thank You!

Nestworks’ first community engagement event was held on October 24th, 2017. Over 50 people signed up to help us better understand their needs and consider our next steps. We were even joined by a small friend, one of our key user profiles! Some very rich insights were gathered, and we are now consolidating everyone’s fabulous ideas, buoyed by their optimism and encouragement. Stay tuned for more activities in 2018, and many thanks again to all of those who were able to join us!